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Night at the Museum(s)

Lately I’ve been falling into a routine of waking up, doing homework or wasting time on the internet, going to class, cooking dinner (or having someone cook me dinner), watching a movie or a few TV shows online, and going to bed. In the beginning of the semester, CIEE told us that there were going to be phases during our time abroad – the honeymoon phase, a slump where you fall into a routine, another exciting time because you know you won’t see your friends for awhile (if ever again), and one final slump when you get home because you wish you were back in Amsterdam. I can definitely tell which phase I’m in now, and I’m surprised they called this spot on from the beginning. I’m blaming the slump on the cold, gloomy weather. I’ve never had to wear so many layers just to go out and it’s only the beginning of November! Cold and cloudy is not my thing. I don’t think CIEE is correct about being sad when you get home though because I’m excited to see California (and the sun) again. Hopefully, the next exciting phase will come soon.

I have been frequenting some museums and exhibits lately.

Firstly, Museum Night 2011 was awesome! All of the museums in Amsterdam were open late and served champagne/wine/beer and some even had DJs. I didn’t get to go to nearly as many as I planned on going to, but it was fun nonetheless. The video below is a video of the opening ceremony – a light show which set the mood for the entire night. There are also some pictures from the Schipvaartmuseum where the opening ceremony took place. I thought my family would appreciate the pictures of the old ships since Halloween just came and went and my whole house was transformed into a pirate ship like it is every October 31st.

Also, I went to an exhibit about the discovery of human anatomy for a class I’m probably not going to stay in, but it was a pretty cool exhibit. See pictures below.

My favorite museum I’ve gone to lately is the Van Gogh Museum. It was amazing seeing works of art that could be recognized by most of the knowledgeable population around the world. Sadly there are no pictures because you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside (you have to buy prints in the gift shop…), however, there are some pictures of Museumplein and the huge “Iamsterdam” sign there.

Jeremy iamsterdam sign

I’m leaving for Prague on Friday for my buddy Kevin’s birthday, so hopefully that will bring me out of the routine and jump start the next exciting phase CIEE predicted. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and write a nice, long post when I get back on Tuesday.

Love you Mom, Dad, and Sneery! I send lots of love to all my friends and family too! See you soon!


JeremyName: Jeremy
CIEE Amsterdam
Semester: Fall 2011
Homeschool: University of Southern California, USC

All pictures by Jeremy. Read more of Jeremy's blog at



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“Iamsterdam” sign looks great at the entrance. The Museum would have been more beautiful I guess.

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