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A day ago I got back from Prague. All I can say is wow, what a weekend! Being in Prague is like stepping back in time to the medieval ages. It’s called the “city of spires” and “the golden city” for a reason. And my friends and I definitely made the most of our time there. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what went down:

Friday – I arrived in Prague for Kevin’s birthday which was 11/11/11. I checked into my 5 star hotel (which I got for a bargain) and trekked over to Kevin’s 5 star hotel. Already a good start. When I get there, we decide it’s going to be a classy night. We went to the cigar lounge and smoked some Cubans and drank a bottle of champagne (our money is strong in the Czech Republic). Feeling like complete ballers, we decided it was best to go all out for the rest of the night so we went to the biggest club in Prague. It was a five story club with a different themed club on every story. It was one of the coolest venues I’ve been to, but the ratio was way off; the crowd was probably 90% dudes (and most were creepers). We called it an earlier night than expected, but at least we kept it classy and didn’t stumble into the hotel at 4 am. I called it a night, went home, took a bath, and went to bed.

Jeremy prague

Saturday – We did some sightseeing and paid to go to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower. After climbing all of those stairs though, our stomachs were rumbling so we ate some traditional Czech food. I had a “butcher’s plate” with about six different types of meat and some dumplings. Delicious! That night we went out to the Hard Rock Café. Somehow, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Hard Rock before (at least that I can remember) but it was really cool. Definitely my kind of place. That night some of my friends from Amsterdam were celebrating Celia’s birthday, but after a long night I was too tired to stay out late. Plus the cold was biting and I literally could not feel most of my extremities. So I took a hot bath and went to bed.

Jeremy prague2

Sunday – Kept it classy with a half day spa day. I got a deep tissue massage and had some fish “exfoliate” (tickle) my feet. It was pretty cheap too because I went to a Thai massage place. Then Kevin, Vita, and I explored Prague some more. That night, we booked a ghost tour of Prague. It would have been pretty tame if had not upgraded to the tour of the catacombs and pre-gamed the tour with some absinth at a fancy, underground pub. Our tour guide was really giving me the heebie jeebies. He was related to R.L. Stein or something. My imagination was running wild and throughout his stories I could picture each scenario taking place because the city is so old and looks its age. After the tour, it was freezing cold and we were all a bit freaked out so we called it an early night. I took a hot bath and went to bed.

Jeremy prague3

Monday – We had breakfast at Café Louvre – a cafe where Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka used to eat. The food was great and the ambiance of the place was great as well. Kevin, Vita, and I rented an old car from 1928 to drive us around the city for a grand tour. We saw the castle, tons of churches, and pretty much everything Prague had to offer. Then they had to fly home to Amsterdam, but I still had till 2 pm the next day. So I went back to Café Louvre for dinner and had an impeccable dinner for St. Martin’s weekend (St. Martin brings in the white winter in Prague apparently and the weekend we went happened to fall on the festival for his arrival). I got a 1/4 of a roast duck with some dumplings and red pickled cabbage. I also, for some reason, thought I was a spy and ordered a martini like James Bond. I probably thought I was a spy because I was a kid in a 5 star hotel room by myself and every time I had to get to the front desk to ask a question I had to say “excuse me” and/or “thank you” in a different language since tour groups from all over were always in my way. Anyways, back to the story. While I was eating my dinner and people watching, a gorgeous Czech girl walked in the door and sat down with two middle-aged women I had been watching for a bit. I thought to myself for a second a decided to just do something ridiculous. I wrote my phone number on a piece of paper along with “I’ll be at Hemingway’s tonight. Enjoy.” I had the waitress bring the note along with three glasses of champagne over to the table, and, as I sipped the last of my James Bond martini, they looked over to see who sent them the champagne. I stood up, winked, grabbed my coat, and walked out. I got a text not too long after from the girl, but sadly she couldn’t meet up that night. She must’ve liked that crazy gesture though because she found me on Facebook and now I have a cute pen pal in the Czech Republic.

Jeremy prague4

Tuesday – Yesterday I woke up in the morning and went to Café Louvre for breakfast (it was across from my hotel so that’s why I frequented it). I noticed some of the waitresses looking over at me while I was reading USA Today and eating my breakfast. They were talking amongst themselves and it made me feel like they recognized me from the night before so I decided to eat quickly, pay the check, and leave. Then I went souvenir shopping for a bit and checked out of my hotel. Then I had to fly home to Amsterdam. When I got back though I felt good about getting back to my room and almost felt like I was coming home. Even though Prague was amazing, being away definitely made me appreciate my decision to study in Amsterdam. When I finally arrived at my building, I realized I was starting to catch a cold so I went to bed fairly early and took some Nyquil.

Wednesday – Today I had class and some chores to do even though I was feeling pretty sick. I got most of my stuff done so I went to Yao’s birthday for a little bit. I didn’t want to go out to the club since I’m sick, but at least I went to PHK for a bit and got to see it for the first time even though the semester is over half way over. (I guess now it’s technically Thursday and I’m going to bed and resting for a long while.)

(You may notice some of the pictures are not from Prague. They are from Amstelveen actually because last Thursday I went there with Pete and Taira for their class. It’s where the nearest mall is and it’s a suburb of Amsterdam. We also went to the Cobra Museum which is a modern art museum.)

Jeremy amstelveen

JeremyName: Jeremy
CIEE Amsterdam
Semester: Fall 2011
Homeschool: University of Southern California, USC

All pictures by Jeremy. Read more of Jeremy's blog at



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The buildings looks very nice.

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