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Relaxing break then back to the grind

Even though my exams were over, a lot of my friends still had exams last week. So while everyone was studying the building was calm. I just sat at my computer for a couple days and only went out Jeremy uvafor food. Understandably, I was feeling lethargic and cabin fever started setting in so I decided to go out and be productive with some friends that didn’t have exams either.

Alli, Pete and I went to the Rembrandthuis, which was actually more than what I was expecting. On the outside it looks like a skinny, tall building like the ones you’d find along the canals. Inside, however, it was set up as if Rembrandt and his students just up and left one day. I made paint the old-fashioned way and perused through the gallery of Rembrandt’s paintings and sketches.

The next day Pete and I went to De Hortus Botanicus. The botanical gardens were awesome! A mini hedge maze, numerous greenhouses representing different climates around the world, and a butterfly garden are just a few cool things this place has to offer. Truly one of my favorite places in Amsterdam and luckily it’s just down the road from my dorm. Botanical gardens

By Friday, everyone was ready to let off some steam. The ISN Halloween party was that night and I don’t think a more ridiculous group of people has ever biked around Amsterdam (and that’s a VERY bold statement). I was in a skin tight green man suit with a glittery green mask to match – I was…The Human Cave. Enough of that, more of the party. It was such a crazy night and the whole club, Odeon, was packed with people in costume celebrating the end of exams. The night undoubtedly got out of hand for many many people, but it was so fun nonetheless. My buddy Davis DJed downstairs for a couple hours so it was fun till early in the morning.

After a couple days of resting, we were ready to venture out on Monday. Pete and I decided to bring everyone to an open mic night at a little bar called Candela in Leidseplein. Pete played and is one more step up to stardom. Yeah Pete! USC Thronton baby!

Also I got a haircut, registered for classes for next semester, 2nd block has just started, and I had a CIEE meeting today which really set in the idea that I’m half way through. I’m not sad though. I’m really happy because I know that all of the fun times I’ve had so far have only been half of my adventure. Being out here has definitely taught me to appreciate a lot of the things I have back home like friends, family, and (of course) Mexican food. I’m missing California, but I’m enjoying the Netherlands and I can’t wait to tell all of these stories to everyone.

Miss you all! Love you family! See you soon!

JeremyName: Jeremy
CIEE Amsterdam
Semester: Fall 2011
Homeschool: University of Southern California, USC

All pictures by Jeremy. Read more of Jeremy's blog at



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