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1 posts from March 2010


Amsterdam my love

Welcome to our first Amsterdam blog!


While writing this message, I’m in front of my computer at the Amsterdam CIEE office. When I look outside I can see the Central Train Station, a floating Chinese restaurant and a huge green ship-formed building called NEMO (a scientific museum). Across the office there’s a busy street with lots of cars, buses and of course bikers. That’s what Dutch people do; they bike. It almost became a new body part and people can’t go without. Whenever my own bike has a flat tire I honestly feel incomplete! So prepare yourself for a new daily exercise and friend.


Last Friday we did some other type of exercise; with a group of CIEE students we participated in a national volunteering event. One group of CIEE students painted benches for an elementary school and took care of their kitchen garden, while the other group worked on a super long mosaic bench which will be placed in front of a mosque.  The results were beautiful and the people from the projects were so happy we helped them out!



We also have our very own volunteer project in which students can participate. It’s in cooperation with the homeless shelter organization, and students work in a project together with homeless people to create new products out of waste. Think about little bags made out of old potato sacs, or jewelry from rubber, or wallets from cans. Right now, fours students are very active in this project and they help out one morning every week.


This coming weekend a trip to a Dutch royal castle in on the agenda.. Not only will we see the castle itself, but also a tour guide will join us in the bus (!) and take us around the neighborhood and show us several other castles.


To sum up, we keep ourselves very busy here in Amsterdam & The Netherlands with fun and interesting events!