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1 posts from April 2010



Lots of people are literately Amsterdamned over the past couple of days. The volcanic cloud of ashes has been the talk of the day, and tourists are stranded in ‘Mokum’ (=slang for Amsterdam). Also some of our own students are stuck in a European city. While Europe ‘stood still’ for a weekend, we had beautiful weather in the Netherlands, and everyone was out and about, enjoying this pre-summer feeling. The weekend before we took the students to the Deltaworks; an impressive project to protect the mainland from floods. People have also been referring to this as the 'eighth wonder of the world'. The Netherlands is famous for its innovative ways to stop the water entering the land.



This upcoming weekend we will go to Schiermonnikoog. Just as a small exercise, try to pronounce this word! Schiermonnikoog is one of the islands of the Netherlands. It has one village, cars are forbidden (except for the inhabitants), and mud walking is one of our activities. CIEE meets nature!