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1 posts from September 2010


Amsterdam it is!

It's a special day today. Why? Because every day is special in Amsterdam.. Today for example it's very nice out, but probably within two hours there will be rain and thunder, and before you know it the sun is shining again and I am enjoying a cup of coffee on one of the many terraces. And imagine, even though the rain is a part of the Netherlands, some of our students are already planning on staying for the second semester.

So, Amsterdam it is? Yes, for 38 students this fall semester Amsterdam is the place to be. No wonder, because Amsterdam & the Netherlands has so much to offer. Just two days ago, students could see our queen in real life during the so-called Prinsjesdag. Prinsjesdag is always the 3rd Tuesday of September, and our queen Beatrix will read out loud the State of the Union. Which makes it this year extra special, because we are without a government... Hopefully by the time new students arrive in the spring a new government will be installed. And don't be surprised if you are amazed by the haircut of one particular politician... But it’s an interesting period for political science & social sciences students. Opinions are so diverse, the formation of the new government it to be called unique, and our little country is subject to many changes. What will happen in the upcoming year? No one knows..


But there's more to the Netherlands then the ongoing discussion about our scattered politics. Which is cheese and bikes. There are two unfortunate things in my life. One is that I don't like cheese, and two is that my front wheel got stolen just a few weeks ago. Why this is bad? Because next Saturday we'll be visiting a cheese farm with CIEE and I had to pay a fortune to get a new front wheel.. So, new interested students; make yourself ready for some good portions of cheese and start worshipping bikes, because they will become your best friends in good and bad times!

Well, this blog gave you most of the information you need: Don't take a blond coupe du soleil, wave at the queen, eat cheese, and ride your bike. Get ready for Amsterdam and its university!