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2 posts from April 2012


A new office on the Roetersstraat

At the beginning of this semester CIEE Amsterdam has moved office from the Prins Hendrikkade to the Roetersstraat 8. Now that we are half way in to the semester I (Annabel) will give you a little tour of our pretty place.

The Office Area

We currently work with 3 persons at the CIEE Amsterdam office, organising activities, interest groups, insurances for students, housing, host families, weekend homestays, volunteering projects, classes, and much much more. We now have a nice space with desks and the CIEE logo on the wall!

This is a picture of when the office came up for rent:


We fell in love with the little bench in front of the office and we started using it directly!

2012-03-21 12.54.44

This is the space where we work; check out the nice CIEE logo on the wall!


Ikea maddness

Before we could move in to our new office we had some Ikea Maddness to arrange, the desks and chairs all came from our old office but the kitchen needed cupboards and we love our new table in the meeting room. Luckily Erik and Matthijs (from CIEE Groningen) are also handy men, see how they take care of the last details before the opening of our new office!

My cart at Ikea


I can do Ikea me!


Erik and Matthijs arranging last minute details


Opening of the new office

And last week we opened our new office! Yay! Our resident director Hannah held a speech in which she highlighted important happenings in the CIEE history and the history of CIEE Amsterdam. 

Hannahs speech


We invited all CIEE Amsterdams contacts and the neighbours and the office already feels like this has always been ours! We are very exited to welcome all new students here!

Profile 2Name: Annabel Thomas

Projects and Activities Coordinator CIEE Amsterdam


Interest groups

Hi everyone,

Time is flying, we are almost halfway with our spring program. And we are approaching the best half, with the best weather and the most exciting CIEE activities! The CIEE overnight excursion to Schiermonnikoog will definitively be a highlight, but don’t forget our water management daytrip and our visit to Circolombia!  

The last couple of weeks weren’t too bad either. Not only did we have a couple of great CIEE activities (the daytrip to Delft and the volunteering opportunity in the (school) garden), we also started our six interest groups with lots of sign-ups! Every interest group is well underway now, so it is time to give you an update on each of them and to introduce you quickly to the volunteers helping us with these groups.

Amsterdam school group

Coordinated by our very dedicated volunteer Silvia, our school group started their work at the two primary schools “het Gouden Ei” and “JP Coen”. The schools are very satisfied with our students, who are giving the children some basic English lessons.

Soccer interest group P1020340

The soccer interest group, led by CIEE staff member Erik, is slowly working its way to the EURO 2012, with a match visit as our last activity. We have already explored the stadium where the game will be and this made our students all the more excited for upcoming events!

The founding of New York by the Dutch interest group

Led by our very own professor Bonny, these interest group members are really starting to become experts on this topic! Last week, we saw them puzzling their way through lists of names with everyone that made the trip to the “New Netherland”. The group is dedicated and enthusiastic to learn as much as possible. And why wouldn’t they be, they have a nice weekend trip to Antwerp to look forward to!

Homeless Amsterdam

Our humble volunteers are helping out at missionaries of charity every single week (!) And I can tell you: preparing and serving meals for the homeless is not the easiest task. Luckily, Annabel is there to assist them. She is also organizing background activities that give us more insights into the issues the homeless are dealing with. We for example got a visit from a formerly homeless person.

Nationalities of Amsterdam 2012-03-20 12 35 31

Headed by a former CIEE student, Caroline, this interest group focuses on the multicultural city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam houses many ethnicities and we are getting to know some of them by visiting events, festivals and associations. This group has known a flying start with the Turkey now! festival, celebrating 400 years of relations between Turkey and the Netherlands. We saw an amazing concert that combined famous Turkish artists with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra.

Queer Amsterdam

Our interest group leader Cindy is discovering as much as the rest of the group! This doesn’t mean that the group doesn’t have a great time though: visits to the queer film festival and to the transgenders at the red light district were great successes and more exciting activities are coming up!