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2 posts from March 2013


Running with the Dutch

Two brave CIEE students and two Dutch CIEE friends and sports men ran the Zandvoort Circuit Run last Sunday. As I layered up to meet them at the trainstation I already felt for them. It is 1 or 2 degrees celcius here with a very cold wind! Oh, Dutch spring, we never knwo what to expect. Once I met the students they surprised me with their positive attitudes. "When I woke up, I thought: let's go for it": said Joanna. And CIEE student Charlie wanted to take it easy and see how he did, and turned out to be the fastest of the bunch! I. am. so. impressed.

Tobias, Charlie, Joanna and Guido all layered up in front of the Zandvoort train station. 

The warming up; I was warming uo behind the camera too!

Yay! Here they go!

Charlie, our fastest student, did the 12 K in an impressive 52 minutes, that's 8.6 mph!

Definitely the hardest part: the beach!

A very well deserved beer.

A very big THANK YOU to the organisation of the Zandvoort Circuit Run: Le Champion, who made it possible for us to participate and made sure everything was very well organised. A very Dutch activity!

Profile 2Name: Annabel Thomas

Projects and Activities Coordinator CIEE Amsterdam



Volunteering in Amsterdam

When you study abroad in a different country, one of the hardest things to do is to meet the locals. One of the ways to meet kind, friendly and happy locals (the kind you are looking for), is through volunteering. CIEE Amsterdam joined hands with NL Doet, a national volunteering day, which  even the Dutch royal family participates in.



Because it is freeezing in Amsterdam at this moment, most of our activities where moved to warmed days. But we did clean a  playground in the city centre with about 15 volunteers. Here is Chase, a CIEE student, doing what the Dutch do best; to drink coffee:




Profile 2Name: Annabel Thomas

Projects and Activities Coordinator CIEE Amsterdam