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1 posts from June 2014


A Dutch family-for-a-weekend!

For my weekend homestay, I visited the Thuring’s family in Amersfoort. During the weekend homestay you spend a weekend with a Dutch family! I arrived on Friday at 11:30am and the mom and I drove home (first time in a car since I’ve been here!) then biked to pick up the kids.IMG_2928The girl, Silke was 6 years old, and the boy, Wilko was 4 ½ years old. They were both adorable!! We got home, had a picnic outside, played jump rope and other games with some other neighborhood kids, and baked brownies. The kids also had a little fight because Silke accidentally let go of Wilko’s balloon outside and it flew away. However, all was forgiven by the time we took the kids to swimming lessons.IMG_2918On Saturday, we drove for an hour to Alkmaar where they were having their once-a-year family gathering with the father’s 11 siblings and their families. We played a lot of traditional dutch games such as “nail pooping” and shulen! It ended with a giant feast of Italian food! What an awesome fun Dutch weekend!IMG_2986Groetjes,

Jelene Wong,
Spring 2014