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1 posts from March 2015


Dutch stamppot!

Every semester we invite our students to our homes for a home cooked meal. Which can lead to funny situations: "wow, these stairs are really as steep as I have been told", "you have the cutest tiny little house" (actually quite big for Amsterdam standards...), "you have such an amazing view on the canal!". We always try  to give our dinner a Dutch touch. A Dutch main, desert, or some Dutch music on the background... Last week I cooked the famous Dutch stamppot. For those willing to try a Dutch recipe, here you go:

Stamppot boerenkool (kale stew)

1 ½ kilo floury potatoes (‘kruimelig) 600 gram of boerenkool (=kale) 100 ml milk (+/- cup) 50 gram butter 1x egg Salt & pepper Optional: Unox Rookworst (sausage you can find in Albert Heijn) / or meatballs (as you prefer ;) Optional: Mustard

Peel the potatoes. Make sure the kale has been washed (normally it is when you buy it at Albert Heijn for example). Put both the potatoes & kale in a large pan. Fill it up with cold water. Heat it up and boil it until you easily can go through the potatoes with a fork (+/- 20-30 minutes). They really have to fall apart. Once you reach this point, use a colander to get rid of the water. Put the potatoes & kale back in the pan and use one of these devices to mash it all together (you can get them at HEMA):


Also add the egg, butter and milk. Be careful with the milk, because you don’t want the dish to become to ‘watery’. Once it’s all mashed together, add salt and pepper to your taste.

Serve it with the rookworst (which you have to heat up for +/- 10 minutes in hot water) + mustard.   Ready!