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Beach time for lucky ducks!

One of the first activities we at CIEE Amsterdam organize is the Orientation Daytrip. This is for all the students to enjoy, and to see a bit more of the Netherlands!
The days before the orientation started, the whole CIEE-Amsterdam office was very nervous. We were not worried about our 111 students who just arrived in a new city (although, seeing you guys biking in Amsterdam for the first time can be a nerve-racking sight). No, there was but one question buzzing around the office in the days before the Orientation Day Trip: Will it rain?

There was supposed to be a thunderstorm coming up. ‘Code Yellow’ was given out by the KNMI, the Dutch Meteorological Institute. We were picturing a group of hundred students trembling in the rain, all dressed up in flattering poncho’s… But we were all lucky ducks (a beautiful saying I learned from Miss Caroline)! Not a single drop of rain fell, and all the beach games could be enjoyed outside.

What did we do? We made creative sand sculptures! One of the finest works I must say, especially Tank Tortoweitz and the unnamed Dog. And who made that giant cheese?!

Introducing Tank Tortoweitz

Introducing Tank Tortoweitz

Others were keener on getting sand everywhere under their clothes, and chose to be dragged over the beach by a so-called power kite.

It takes a village to fly a kite

It takes a village to fly a kite

One of the aims of the daytrip is to help students make new friends and get to know their fellow students. And what better way to do that than to hunt each other down the dunes with laser guns?

Taking aim

Warfare in the dunes

While one group was playing beach games outside, the other group went inside for the Bystander Intervention. This presentation was about helping others to prevent risky situations from getting worse and to look out for your fellow students.

IMG_3873 (3)

To intervene or not to intervene?

After lunch the groups switched places and the second group was able to get their hands sandy and to get that beach-look hairdo.

Upon returning in Amsterdam, it appeared that the bad weather forecast traveled with us. It was ‘Code Yellow’ all over the place. But hey, biking home in the rain after a good and long day is what makes you very integrated in the Netherlands :) On to our next trip!



Judith de Lange Program Assistent CIEE-Amsterdam


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