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1 posts from March 2016


CIEE Daytrip: Discover Delft

On Saturday March 5th we delved into the wonders of the beautiful Dutch town Delft. During the week, the city is the home of 20.000 students that are studying at the technical university. In the weekend this 13th century town is a bit quieter and, luckily for us, a bit sunnier!

The city is full of Dutch history (painter Vermeer lived here his whole life) – the city has a strong connection to the Dutch Royal Family. 20160305_123921The Nieuwe Kerk in Delft is a beautiful, historically rich church, and is renowned as the last resting-place for the members of the Royal House. 

Our young guide Max (a student in neighboring Leiden, which he said was less pretty, so we made the right choice) took us to visit this mausoleum, which only opens for new burials of Dutch kings and queens.







After lunch we went to the Porceleyne Fles, where a high-tech time machine (!!) took us through the history of Delfts Blauw (world famous blue-painted earthenware). After that we traveled to the time when they were making Delfts Blauw tableware, which is - shocker- still today! We saw the whole process from the hand painter until the baking process. We almost bought a new vase ourselves, if only there was student discount...

The bus took us back in the center for some Dutch delicious poffertjes. A big, warm stroopwafel was promised, but the poffertjes appeared to be a great alternative. After some free time we gathered up again for the trip back home, destination CIEE office.


Next on our calendar: the overnight excursion to Schiermonnikoog (beach, bikes, barbeque & bonfire) and an architecture daytrip to Rotterdam in April!


Judith de Lange Student Services Coordinator CIEE-Amsterdam